01 Nov 2021 | Nascer

Post-graduate diploma in Real State Business, granted by Fundação Álvares Penteado – FAAP (Armando Álvares Penteado Foundation), and a certificate obtained from University of California. Currently, a Corporate Law LLM candidate at Insper (Institute of Education and Research).

Mr. Souza has worked for 8 years as Legal Director at LDI Desenvolvimento Imobiliário S.A., a holding company specializing in real state development (Lindencorp), shopping centers (REP), subdivisions (Cipasa) and construction (Construtora Adolpho Lindenberg). He has also worked for 4 years as Director at Harte Realty, a company specializing in real estate investments. Concurrently, he collaborated in the establishment and negotiation procedures of joint ventures, targeting real estate developers and shopping centers financed by private equity funds and REITs. During the development project of the Mais Shopping Largo 13, he coordinated all property acquisitions, as well as the establishment of a legal framework for raising funds from investors, and the alienation of stakeholders to funds managed by Banco Bradesco. Mr. Souza has also collaborated in M&As proceedings, especially in acquisition procedures at Cipasa and Construtora Adolpho Lindenberg.